Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Quiz

OK, there weren't all that many posts in March, so no excuses for laying a goose egg on this one!

1.  In what year did Frank Tripucka become the first quarterback in the American Football League (AFL) to throw a touchdown pass and the first professional quarterback in the United States to throw for 3,000 yards in a season?   

2.  In what year did the Georgia legislature outlaw football in response to the death of a college player?


3.  Under what circumstances will a team spend “dead money”?


4.  Whose jerseys are the only others to be retired by the Denver Broncos? (Hint: there are two.)

5.  Name two of the four rules changes made at the NFL’s Annual Meeting.

6.  If a team places its franchise tag on a player, how much must it pay that player?

7.  TRUE OR FALSE:  Among George Plimpton’s exploits in the world of professional sports was a stint as a professional wrestler named “Jungle George.”

8.  What brutal formation developed in the 1890s caused so many injuries that Army and Navy canceled their annual game in 1894 for fear of too many casualties?

9.  Which receiver joined the San Francisco 49ers in February after having retired before the 2011 season?

10. Who was the first football player to be paid, and what club paid him?

BONUS:  Who helped George Plimpton apprehend Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan? 

Check in tomorrow for the answers!

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