Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Showers Bring May...Quizzes!

Happy May Day!  With a new month, here’s a new quiz on April’s posts…

1.  What two-sport athlete from the 1930s is the oldest living member of the Hall of Fame and oldest living former professional football player?


2.  Which of the following contributed to the decline of multi-sport stadiums:

(a)    Global warming

(b)   Widespread use of FieldTurf

(c)    Scheduling conflicts due to overlapping seasons

(d)   Falling prices of concrete in the mid-90s

(e)   Advances in parking lot construction

3.  What is the two-part test for determining if a business expense (such as NFL- or team-imposed fines) is tax deductible?


4.  In what year did both the New York Giants and the New York Yankees win their respective league championships?

5.  What two Ohio teams brought the development of pro football to a grinding halt when they became embroiled in a gambling scandal?


6.  Which team has received the most compensatory draft picks since the compensatory system was created in 1994?


7.  What former NFL running back was sentenced in 2010 to one year of house arrest and three years’ probation for profiting from a scheme involving the Earned Income Credit program?


8.  Which 2012 NFL retiree is known by his on-field alter ego “Wolverine”?


9.  Who was the first owner of a professional football team?


10. Who founded “Irrelevant Week,” honoring the final pick of the NFL Draft, in 1976?

BONUS:  What is the name of the trophy awarded to Mr. Irrelevant every year?

Check in tomorrow to see how you did!

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