Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Quiz Answers

So, how do you think you did?  Take a look below for the answers to Friday’s quiz, along with links to the relevant posts.  And don’t forget to check your results against the Naptime Huddle grading scale!

1.  For how long has Green Bay owned Lambeau Field (below) “free and clear”? 

Since the bonds sold to build it were paid off in 1978, 34 years! 

2.  How many Super Bowl champs have won Dancing with the Stars?


Three:  Emmitt Smith,  Hines Ward and Donald Driver 

3.  What was the name of the 1920’s pro team that featured a Wild West Show at intermission? 

The Oorang Indians

4.  What undrafted free agent still holds the record (now sixty years old) for the most interceptions in a single season? 

Dick “Night Train” Lane 

5.  Where did Pat Tillman attend college and in what year did he graduate? 

Arizona State University, 1998 

6.  What is the PFPMA? 

The Professional Football Players Mothers Association 

7.  TRUE OR FALSE:  Since its construction was 100% privately funded by the two New York City teams, MetLife Stadium is owned by the Jets and the Giants. 

FALSE:  It is owned by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority and leased by the Jets and Giants. 

8.  Tony Romo’s career passer rating of 96.9 is second in the NFL to what quarterback? 

Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, who has a career passer rating of 104.1. 

"Don't even think about trying to catch me, Romo."

9.  TRUE OR FALSE:  Under the rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, players must wear helmets during all offseason workouts. 

FALSE:  Helmets are not allowed during “Phase One” and “Phase Two” workouts; they are only allowed during OTAs and minicamps. 

10. Where was John Grisham when he was inspired to write Playing for Pizza? 

Bologna, Italy, conducting research for his novel The Broker

BONUS:  What two undrafted stars of the 1990s played for the Amsterdam Admirals?

Kurt Warner and Adam Vinatieri 

Naptime Huddle Grading Scale:

0-2: Fair Weather Fan (You know we post more than recipes, right?)

3-5: Equipment Manager (Make sure you use fabric softener when you wash the towels.)

6-8: First Round Draft Pick (But don't get cocky...)

9-10: Head Coach (Maybe you should write this thing!)

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