Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Quiz

So, were you sewing your Angry Birds costume while reading Naptime Huddle?  Think you were paying attention?  Test yourself with our monthly quiz.  You’ll find answers in the October posts…not that you need to look!

1.  What is the difference between a “forward pass” and a “lateral”?


2.  What linebacker is famous for his toothless grin and the quote “Quarterbacks should wear dresses”?


3.  What do you call the space between the offensive and defensive line that is the length of the football?


4.  Which of the following fouls involve blocks below the waist?

(a)   Clipping
(b)   Tripping
(c)    Crackback
(d)   Chop Block
(e)   All of the above

5.  Which trick play involves a receiver pitching the ball back to a teammate immediately after he catches it (and what is another name for it)?

6.  What linebacker ended the career of Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann when he broke the QB’s leg during a Monday Night Football game in 1985?

7.  Which trick play is rumored to have been developed by legendary University of Michigan coach Fielding H. Yost?

8.  Which of the following involves a wide receiver running behind the line of scrimmage toward the opposite sideline, taking the ball from the QB when he passes him?

(a)    Sweep
(b)   End-around
(c)    Bootleg
(d)   Reverse

9.  TRUE or FALSE:   A team can have 12 players in the huddle as long as one of the players gets off the field before lining up for the next play.

10. For what period of time on game days do the NFL’s uniform rules apply?


Where did I get the Cinnamon Snails recipe?

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