Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Quiz

If it’s a new month, then it must be time for a new quiz!  The answers can be found in January’s posts:

1.  True or False:  For a horse-collar foul to be called, the tackler must bring the runner down immediately after grasping the inside of the runner’s collar.

2.  It is legal for one player to be “in motion” at the time of the snap.  However, where must that player be positioned, and where can he be moving?

3.  True or False:  If the communications between the sideline and players on the field is interrupted due to mechanical failure, the other side must discontinue its system.

4.  Which team had the dubious distinction of setting the NFL record for the most penalties, and yards penalized in a single season?

5.  Who are the three finalists for this year’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award?

6.  The New York Giants are tied with the Dallas Cowboys for the most seasons with playoff appearances.  In how many seasons have these teams reached the postseason?

7.  What legendary wide receiver twice set the record for consecutive seasons leading the league in receiving touchdowns (and still holds that record today)?

8.  Which of the following acts would violate the prohibition against “excessive celebrations”:

(a)  “Dunking” the football over the crossbeam of the goal post;
(b)  Leaping into the stands;
(c)  Doing a snow angel;
(d)  High-fives with teammates on the field;
(e)  All of the above; or
(f)   None of the above

9.  Whose inadvertent whistle resulted in a rule change that allows a ruling of an incomplete pass to be reviewed when the loose ball was recovered after the passer’s fumble?

10. In what year did the Chicago Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles play in the first televised NFL Championship football game, which was almost canceled because of a fierce snowstorm?

BONUS:   What former NFL Vice President of Officiating is now a contributor for FOX Sports? 

Check in this weekend to see how you did!

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