Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recipe Replay: Super Bowl Sampling

In addition to the bone-rattling hits, edge-of-your-seat tension and spectacular plays, the Super Bowl offers one more treat:  the first excuse since the holidays to pig out without guilt.  To prepare you for this culinary cornucopia, I’ve selected some of the recipes I have posted on Naptime Huddle that I think would be perfect for Sunday, whether you are the one hosting a viewing party or attending a potluck get-together.  Just click on each link for the full recipe.

Perfect for noshing, but make sure you have a crowd (and plenty of crackers) if you’re making the full recipe!  By the way, you may find it difficult to form the cheese mixture into a ball.  If you find this frustrating, you can do what a friend of mine did.  For her family gathering at Christmas, she spread it into tree-shaped mold and sprinkled the chopped pecans on top!  Instead of a tree, you could try to find a football-shaped mold.

Can you really have a sporting event without hot wings?!?

This meat-lover’s classic can be made in advance and will stand the test of a 4-hour party.

A refreshing compliment to the chili, this salad is also hearty enough to be the main dish for the herbivores at your shindig.

Sinfully delicious and easy to eat with your fingers, your guests will beg you for the recipe.  (Be sure to give them the Naptime Huddle address, will ya?)

Enjoy the feast--and the game!

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