Thursday, January 5, 2012

December Quiz Answers

So, how'd you do?  Read below for answers to yesterday's quiz:

1.     What coach in NFL history was the fastest to reach 100 wins?

George Halas, who only had to coach the Chicago Bears to 138 games to get his 100th win.

2.  Whose charitable foundation hosts an annual luncheon for mothers of critically or chronically ill children and stocks lockers filled with electronic gaming and communications gear in children’s hospitals?

Charles Tillman, Chicago Bears cornerback

3.  Under NFL rules, when is the quarterback considered to be making a “passing motion”? 

From the time he raises the ball in his hand until the ball is tucked back into his body.

4.  Who is the most recent kicker to make 100% of his field goal attempts?

Mike Vanderjagt, who accomplished this feat for the Indianapolis Colts in 2003, making 37 of 37.

5.  TRUE OR FALSE:  During the regular season, a score that is still deadlocked after one overtime period results in a tie.

TRUE (I hope you didn’t “McNabb” this one!)

6.  Who holds the record for the most career games with 100+ receiving yards? 

Jerry Rice, with 76

7.   Which head coach was in hot water after Week 13 for “icing” his own kicker?

Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

8.  What receiver made a spectacular catch against his own helmet to spoil the undefeated dreams of the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII?

David Tyree, New York Giants

9.  TRUE OR FALSE:  Under NFL Rule 13, the one penalty officials can never impose is to negate a touchdown.

FALSE:  The officials can negate a score for a “palpably unfair act” committed by a non-player.

10. What quarterback can be credited for popularizing the term “Hail Mary Pass”?

Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys

BONUS:  For whom is the traditional Australian/Kiwi dessert, the pavlova, named?

Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who toured Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s and was presented with the new dish during her visit.

Now, check your score against our grading scale:

0-2: Fair Weather Fan (You know we post more than recipes, right?)
3-5: Equipment Manager (Make sure you use fabric softener when you wash the towels.)
6-8: First Round Draft Pick (But don't get cocky...)
9-10: Head Coach (Maybe you should write this thing!)

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