Monday, July 2, 2012

June Quiz

In between June's weddings, Father's Day festivities and end-of-school hoopla, did you have time to read Naptime Huddle--and retain what you read? Time to check your comprehension with our monthly quiz:

     1.  Which member of the Matthews family is the only one in the Hall
          of Fame? 

2.  What 1940s dynasty was on the winning side of the most lopsided game in NFL history, and what was the final score of that game? 

3.  TRUE OR FALSE:  Professional athletes are notorious for being “deadbeat dads.” 

4.  According to the “English School” recipe, what is the proper ratio of the ingredients in a Sidecar? 

5.  Who set the Army’s distance record for hand grenade throwing and died in France during World War II while searching for two of his men who had gone missing on a scouting mission? 

6.  Between negligence and fraud, which requires that the plaintiff show that the defendant owed the plaintiff a “duty of care”? 

7.  Which form of defamation is communicated in writing? 

8.  Where did “Galloping Ghost” Red Grange attended college? 

9.  Which of the following methods for calculating child support is both easiest to administer and preferred by professional athletes:  Income Shares Method, Melson Formula or Percentage of Income? 

10. Whose death in 2009 marked the first discovery of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in a still-active NFL player? 

BONUS:  What current player has gotten a lot of attention recently for having fathered ten (soon to be twelve) children with eight different women? 

Check in tomorrow for the answers!

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