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...Brought to You by the Number 200

With today’s post, Naptime Huddle achieves a new milestone—its 200th post!  To mark the occasion, I’ve compiled a list of NFL records involving the number 200 (or a number close to it).  You may recall that I did this when NH published its 100th post


Most Rushing Yards in a Single Game:  Held by Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings, 2007-present), who gained 296 yards when his Vikings played the San Diego Chargers on November 4, 2007

Most Career Games of 200+ Yards Rushing:  6, held by Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson (Buffalo Bills, 1969-1977; San Francisco 49ers, 1978-1979)

Most Games of 200+ Yards Rushing in a Single Season:  4, set by Earl Campbell (right) in 1980 (Houston Oilers, 1978-1984; New Orleans Saints, 1984-1985)

Most Consecutive Games of 200+ Yards Rushing:  There’s a three-way tie for this record, which stands at 2 consecutive games.  The three record holders are: O.J. Simpson, who achieve this feat twice, in 1973 and 1976; Earl Campbell, who did it in 1980; and Ricky Williams, who did it during his first stint with the Miami Dolphins, in 2002 (click here to learn more about Ricky William’s turbulent career).

Most Rushing Yards Gained in a Single Super Bowl Game:  204, set by Timmy Smith (Washington Redskins, 1987-1988; Dallas Cowboys, 1990) when the Washington Redskins beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXII



Most Consecutive Games with Pass Receptions:  Jerry Rice (San Francisco 49ers, 1985-2000; Oakland Raiders, 2001-2004; and Seattle Seahawks, 2004) with 274 consecutive games making a grab!  Click here to learn more about Jerry Rice’s amazing career.

Most Career Games of 200+ Yards Receiving:  5, held by Lance Alworth (below) (San Diego Chargers, 1962-1970; Dallas Cowboys, 1971-1972)

Most Games of 200+ Yards Receiving in a Single Season:  3, accomplished in 1961 by Charley Hennigan (Houston Oilers, 1960-1966)

Highest Average Receiving Yards Gained in a Career (with at least 200 receptions):  22.26 yards, held by Homer Jones (New York Giants, 1964-1969; Cleveland Browns, 1970)—he had 224 catches for a total of 4,986 yards.

Most Receiving Yards Gained in a Single Super Bowl Game:  215, set by Jerry Rice when his 49ers beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII

Most Receiving Yards Gained in a Single Pro Bowl:  212, set in 2000 by Randy Moss (Minnesota Vikings, 1998-2004 and 2010; Oakland Raiders 2005-2006; New England Patriots, 2007-2010; Tennessee Titans, 2010; San Francisco 49ers, present) (click here for a discussion of Randy Moss’ comeback).


Most All-Purpose Touchdowns in a Career: Jerry Rice, with 208 (he also has the record for the most receiving touchdowns, with 197)

Rian "Mr. Reliable" Lindell
Highest Career Kicking Extra Points Percentage (200 points or more):  What is this statistic, exactly?  You look at kickers who have scored at least 200 extra points in their career.  Then, you determine what percentage of their attempts represents successful tries.  The record holder is Rian Lindell (Seattle, 2000-2002; Buffalo, 2003-current), who has a 99.7 extra points percentage—he’s made 362 out of 363 extra points (the one he missed was blocked)!



Most Sacks in a Career:  200.0, held by defensive end Bruce Smith (below) (Buffalo Bills, 1985-1999; Washington Redskins, 2000-2003)

Most Fair Catches in a Career:  231, held by running back and kick return specialist Brian Mitchell (Washington Redskins, 1990-1999; Philadelphia Eagles, 2000-2002; New York Giants, 2003)

Most Punt Return Yards Gained in a Single Game:  207, held by LeRoy Irvin (cornerback, Los Angeles Rams, 1980-1989) against the Atlanta Falcons on October 11, 1981

Most Kickoff Returns Yards in a Super Bowl:  244, by wide receiver Andre Coleman (San Diego Chargers, 1994-1996; Seattle Seahawks, 1997; Pittsburgh Steelers, 1997-1998) against San Francisco in Super Bowl XXIX


Most Combined Net Yards Gained in a Super Bowl:  This record, at 244 yards, is held by two players:  Andre Coleman (the same performance against San Francisco); and wide receiver and kick returner Desmond Howard (he played for several teams between 1992 and 2002, including the Redskins, Packers and Raiders) when his Green Bay Packers faced New England in Super Bowl XXXI (he was named Super Bowl MVP in that contest; click here for more on his memorable performance).

Desmond Howard in Super Bowl XXXI with Patriot kick Adam Vinatieri in pursuit

Fewest Passing Yards Gained by Both Teams in a Pro Bowl:  215 in the 1972 Pro Bowl game.

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