Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brought to You by the Number 100

Welcome to Naptime Huddle’s 100th post!  In honor of this milestone, here are some of the records and achievements involving the number 100 (or thereabouts) in NFL history:

%  Fastest Head Coach to Achieve 100 wins:  It took George Halas (Chicago Bears) 138 games to get his 100th win, against the Chicago Cardinals on November 26, 1931


%  Fastest Quarterback to Achieve 100 wins as a starter:  Tom Brady (New England Patriots) on October 4, 2010 against the Miami Dolphins, in his 131st start

%  Highest Combined Score in a Single Game:  113 points, Washington Redskins 72, New York Giants 41, November 27, 1966

ð  Two other games went over 100 points… 106 points:  Cincinnati Bengals 58, Cleveland Browns 48, November 28, 2004; and 101 points:  Oakland Raiders 52, Houston Oilers 49, December 22, 1963

ð  No team has ever scored 100 points in a single game


%  Most Seasons with 100 or More Points:  16, by kicker Jason Elam, Denver 1993-2007; Atlanta, 2008


%  Most Games in a Single Season with 100+ Rushing Yards:  Barry Sanders (Detroit Lions, 1997) with 14

ð  …this is also the record for most consecutive games of 100+ rushing yards

%  Most Career Games with 100+ Rushing Yards:  78 games, by Emmitt Smith (Dallas Cowboys, 1990-2002; Arizona Cardinals, 2003-2004)


%  Most Pass Receptions in a Rookie Season:  101 by Anquan Boldin (Arizona, 2003)

%  Most Games in a Single Season with 100+ Receiving Yards:  11, by Michael Irvin (Dallas Cowboys, 1995)

%  Most Consecutive Games with 100+ Receiving Yards:  7, held jointly by Charley Hennigan (Houston Oilers, 1961) and Michael Irvin (Dallas, 1995)


%  Most Career Games with 100+ Receiving Yards:  76, by Jerry Rice (San Francisco 49ers, 1985-2000; Oakland Raiders, 2001-2004; Seattle, 2004)

%  100% Field Goal Percentage for a Single Season:

Tony Zendejas (1991 LA Rams), 17 of 17
Gary Anderson (1998 Minnesota Vikings), 35 of 35
Jeff Wilkins (2000 St. Louis Rams), 17 of 17
Mike Vanderjagt (2003 Indianapolis Colts), 37 of 37

%  Longest Interception Return for a Touchdown (a.k.a., a “Pick-6”):  107 yards by Ed Reed (Baltimore Ravens) against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 23, 2008

%  Longest Punt Return:  103 yards (for a touchdown) by Robert Bailey (Los Angeles Rams) against the New Orleans Saints on October 23, 1994

%  Longest Kickoff Return:  108 yards (for a touchdown) by Ellis Hobbs (New England Patriots) against the New York Jets on September 9, 2007


%  Most Combined Kick Returns (punt and kickoff) in a season:  114 by Michael Lewis (New Orleans Saints, 2002; punts-44, kickoffs-70) and B.J. Sams (Baltimore Ravens, 2004; punts-55, kickoffs-59)


%  Longest Fumble Return:  104 yards (for touchdowns) by Jack Tatum (Oakland Raiders) against the Green Bay Packers on September 24, 1972; and Aeneas Williams (Arizona Cardinals) the Washington Redskins on November 5, 2000

%  Longest Return of a Missed Field Goal: 109 yards (for a touchdown) by Antonio Cromartie (San Diego Chargers) against the Minnesota Vikings on November 4, 2007

%  Most Punts in a Single Season:  114, held jointly by Bob Parsons (Chicago Bears, 1981) and Chad Stanley (Houston Texans, 2002)

%  Most Punts in a Rookie Season:  111, by Brad Maynard (New York Giants, 1997)

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