Monday, December 5, 2011

November Quiz

So, were you paying attention in November, or were you too busy planning your Black Friday strategy and overthinking seating arrangements for Thanksgiving dinner?  There’s only one way to find out…take our monthly quiz!  Answers will be posted tomorrow.

1.  In which offensive formation is the fullback standing directly behind the quarterback, with the two halfbacks split behind him?  (Hint:  You may have thought of this formation when participating in a post-Thanksgiving meal contest.)

2.  How many homes has the Warrick Dunn Family Foundation filled since its founding?

3.  Which current offensive lineman has not missed a single game in six years, has only allowed nine sacks in the last four seasons, has earned Pro Bowl selections in the last three seasons and is married to the daughter of his head coach?

4.  In what offensive formation does the running back become the quarterback and the quarterback become a receiver?

5.  What is the signature characteristic of the Nickel Defense?

6.  What is the difference between the “play action” and the “draw”?

7. True or False:  To be in the Nickel Defense, the defensive linemen and linebackers must be in a 4-3 formation.

8.  Which defensive scheme, popularized by coach Tony Dungy in the late 1990’s, requires an athletic, quick middle linebacker to cover short- and medium-length passes in the middle of the field?

9.  In what years did the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys begin their tenures as the teams playing on Thanksgiving Day?

10. Which former lineman was the first Cincinnati Bengal to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

BONUS:  Which three teams has Naptime Huddle NOT mentioned in its “Games To Watch” series?

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