Friday, October 5, 2012

Recipe Time Out: The Quarterback Sack

Today’s post is a lucky accident.  While researching for yesterday’s post on quarterback sacks, I discovered that there is a shot called… the Quarterback Sack!  Since I already broke the seal on cocktail recipes with the Sidecar, I figured there wasn’t a better way to follow up my QB sacks post with this one—and on a Friday, no less!


So, here it is, the Quarterback Sack (photo from


2 oz gin
2 oz vodka
1 oz triple sec
4 oz bloody mary mix
Tonic water



Put all ingredients—except the tonic water—in a mixing glass half-filled (or, if you prefer, half-empty) with ice and stir. 
Strain into four shot glasses.

Add a splash of tonic to each glass.


If you have people over to watch a game, might I suggest taking a shot each time a quarterback gets sacked?  I hope you weren't already playing this game last night, though--Kevin Kolb (above) was sacked nine times!

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