Monday, October 1, 2012

September Quiz

Another month, another quiz….check back tomorrow for the answers!

1.     Fill in the blanks:  This year, the league approved moving the deadline to trade players from Week _____ to Week _____. 

2.     Which of the many Washington Redskins quarterbacks of the past twenty years has found a successful second career in politics and is currently serving in the U.S. House of Representative? 

3.     Frederick Exley, author of the current Reading Huddle selection A Fan’s Notes, went to USC with what famous New York Giants running back? 

4.     How long does a team have to claim a player “off waivers” during the regular season? 

5.     Which former defensive tackle played a tough but lovable adoptive father in an 80’s sitcom? 

6.     In the offseason, the league added loss of a down to the penalty when a player kicks what?

(a)          A tipped pass
(b)          A loose ball
(c)           Another player’s helmet
(d)          An official


7.     Which Hall of Fame fullback hosted American Gladiators in the early 1990’s? 

8.     In Week 2, which team was erroneously not penalized for challenging a ruling that was not reviewable? 

9.     Which 80’s TV star holds the NFL record for the most safeties in a single game? 

10.   True or False:  The “vertical plane” of the goal is the area above the crossbar and between the uprights. 

BONUS:  Which former running back had a long television career that included a five-season role on Hill Street Blues? 

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