Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Huddle Housekeeping

Just wanted to let you know that I have made some corrections and updates to a few posts.  Here is a list of changes:

In the Making Plays post, I've added an explanation of how downs are tracked once a team gets within ten yards of the opponents end zone.

In The Referee and Umpire, I said that the NFL was experimenting with where the umpire is positioned on the field.  The League's changes in this regard are actually permanent, and I have added an explanation.

In Timeouts and Coaches' Challenges, I've added a video of an example of "icing the kicker."

I hope these changes clarify the posts, or answered some questions you've had.  Also, if you've read The Defense: Linebackers and Defensive Linemen, you should check out the September 5th issue of Sports Illustrated.  It has an interesting article about the 4-3 defense and how teams that traditionally use it are changing their defensive formations multiple times during games to confuse offenses.

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