Friday, September 30, 2011

NFL Week 4 Games to Watch

This week’s games to watch feature the two remaining “Unexpected Undefeateds,” a revenge game ten years in the making, and a QB hoping toprotect his pretty face.

Buffalo Bills (3-0) @Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) (Sunday, 1:00 PM ET on CBS): The start to the Buffalo Bills season is so incredible that their games will be included in the must-see list each week until they face their first loss. In addition to the curiosity of seeing how long Buffalo’s fairy tale can last, this week’s matchup also has some personality-driven drama since Buffalo’s QB-of-the-moment Ryan Fitzpatrick played for the Bengals in 2007 and 2008.

Detroit Lions (3-0) @Dallas Cowboys (2-1) (Sunday, 1:00 PM ET on FOX): NH will also be profiling Detroit’s games as long as they can continue the perfect start to their season. However, this week’s game against the Cowboys merits a spot on this list anyway. The Lions are running on all cylinders right now and the Cowboys have managed to win their last two in spite of themselves. With leadership and gutsy play, Cowboys QB Tony Romo has (painfully) lifted his team above their mediocre play to victory, but can the rest of the offense do its part?

New England Patriots(2-1) @ Oakland Raiders (2-1) (Sunday, 4:15 PM ET on CBS): This is the first time these two teams havemet since the infamous “Tuck Rule” play in the 2001 Divisional Playoff (I’ll have to do a post on this at some time). Let’s just say that the Raiders are still smarting from the outcome of that game and would love to get some payback. If the Patriots weren’t the Patriots, I’d say that they are still reeling from their stunning loss to the Buffalo Bills last week and are vulnerable against a Raiders team that’s playing like they’re actually taking themselves seriously this year. However, this is the Patriots and no other team in the League shakes off defeat (or victory) faster. I mean, they start preparing for next week’s game during the postgame shower. Look for the Patriots to be cool and collected and for the Raiders to try and put some hurt on Patriots QB Tom Brady.

New York Jets (2-1) @ Baltimore Ravens (2-1) (Sunday, 8:20 PM ET on NBC): So, you’re an NFL quarterback and you break your nose in a losing effort against the Oakland Raiders, a pretty physical team. Who would you least like to face the following week? Most, if not all, QBs would run for the showers, yelling “Aaaaaah! The Baltimore Ravens!” over their shoulder.   Well, that’s what Jets QB Mark Sanchez has to look forward to this Sunday night. This should be a good one, although the Ravens have more going for them than the Jets right now.   Linebacker Ray Lewis and the rest of the Ravens brutal defense will not be taking it easy against Sanchez, especially since the Jets will be using a rookie center because the starter, Nick Mangold, is out with a sprained ankle. The Jets need to improve their run defense (ranked 31st out of 32 teams) if they can hope to contain Ravens running back Ray Rice, who’s having a decent season running and catching the ball.

Well, those are Naptime Huddle's must-see games for the week. Enjoy Week 4 everyone!